About us

Aerial Gymnastics and Cheer is a not-for-profit gymnastics and cheerleading club located in Brown Plains.
We offer a wide range of gymnastics and cheerleading classes for all ages and of all abilities. 
All of our coaches engage in ongoing training in order to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all our members as well as hold qualifications with Gymnastics Queensland.
Our club is affiliated with Gymnastics QLD and in turn Gymnastics Australia
We pride ourselves on being a family friendly club who work with families to provide all children the opportunity to engage in the sport.  


AGC were amazing, during our 3 years there Ella quickly progressed through levels 1-3 in Gymnastics, due to the organised and structured training sessions and caring and dedicated staff teaching the correct techniques. She also had a fantastic time being part of the mini and junior cheer teams and loved her cheer sisters and brother very much! The fees were very affordable and the staff were always ready to help u out if needed. Even though we’ve left AGC and relocated to NSW we are still a big part of the AGC family and appreciate them always checking up on our family and Ella xo” 


—  Hope Labutis-Mays

“Since starting at aerial gymnastics and cheer we have had nothing but a welcoming and supportive environment. The coaches are encouraging and loving, giving my girls the chance to grow as both gymnast and cheerleaders as well as encouraging girls. They encourage the students to reach there full potential in a safe and nurturing environment. All this is provided at a affordable price. At aerial you are not just a student your a part of a family. Both my girls look forward to continuing their gymnastics and cheer classes at aerial for many years to come” 


—  Ky Booth

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